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How to choose the best leasing space for your restaurant

Looking for a leasing space for your restaurant? WE GOT YOU!

Choosing the best rental space for your business can be a tiny bit confusing, as options in Amman are increasing dramatically, especially with the “safe summer” initiative, it’s your perfect opportunity to invest in your success.

If you are a restaurant owner then you sure should consider that after being quarantined in home for so long, this summer is your chance to make up the profit you lost during covid19 in 2020. Therefor below we will illustrate how to choose the perfect space for your restaurant venture.

Embrace the view

If you’re looking for a place to open a new restaurant/coffee house or café, then you should keep in mind that people are now looking for rooftops and places with a view to spend their days and nights in, that could be due to the fact that we’ve been quarantined for so long that now we are looking for the most breezy place we can spend time in. and what better places with the views than in Amman. Amman has many beautiful places where you can enjoy the view, if your business invested in one, you sure will make up the losses of the past year.

This post Covid19 summer, having an outdoor seating is not enough AT ALL! Besides having an outdoor seating you should make sure it has a beautiful scenery because this is what people are looking for right now, and these people are your customers!

Check our terrace view in Dabouq District.

The power of the space

Picking a space for your restaurant is vital, the space should be a premium space, with regard to your neighbors, in Dabouq District, we carefully choose our tenants and other shops in the shopping mall because we know that shops drive traffic to each other and to you!

Another important asset, is the atmosphere, the whole atmosphere is vital in order to drive traffic to your restaurant venture, for example , if you are located within a neighborhood where there are no other restaurants, chances of having people coming in is low because there won’t be a lot of people passing by this calm neighborhood. Therefor it’s important to choose a space where you are surrounded by other restaurants.

Be aware of Amman traffic patterns

"Location, location, location" is what's often said, but go a little deeper than that; think beyond cities and neighborhoods, down to corners and addresses. One side of a city street might get foot traffic, while another doesn't; one block may have hundreds of cars pass an hour, while the next block doesn't have the same flow. Some of the high traffic streets is Wasfi Al tal street, on average more than 10000 cars pass by daily. Make sure you pick a location with good parking lots and with high traffic to increase your chances of gaining more exposure.

Invest in Parking lots

Having a close-by parking lot that your customers can use with valet can make it easier for them to choose you instead of having to park in the street and being in danger of having the car hit or not even finding a parking space, therefor in Dabouq District, we dedicated a special entrance as well as a parking lot specially for the terrace project users.

Dabouq District has recently launched its terrace project “Food District” to be the first of its type in Amman, where you can explore all the spaces and potentials you can invest in to increase your success opportunities.

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