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Welcome to 

Dabouq District

Dabouq District has introduced brand new shopping concept in Amman. it captures the imagination of customers with 28000 sqm of buildable area, 16000 sqm of gross leasable area and four parking levels with a capacity of 350 car parking slots!


Dabouq District is not just a mall! 

We actively thought about what Jordan and the region
needed and then designed and re-designed our space.
That is for to excite, thrill,  engage, relax and unwind.

​Excitement for this new social hub, where you can find all your shopping needs, whether it was clothes, furniture and even jewelry!

The thrill in knowing that you don’t have to look more in a mall, Because all you need is one mall.

Engage and relax with your friends, whether it was our restaurants, Food courts, entertainment centers and salons.

Unwind in the newest premium destination in Amman.

It is for sure The best place for shopping, eating
and having fun in the heart of the capital Amman.

Dabouq District provides a destination
for all within Jordan and the region. 
We were aiming towards creating excellency and luxury while still maintaining a close to heart place, for people to shop, enjoy the atmosphere, eat and have fun all in one mall.
it genuinely offers a unique shopping, dining and entertainment experiences in the capital Amman.
that can be fully enjoyed every day.



Dabouq District seeks to be recognized
as a premium lifestyle destination. We will be
differentiated for spreading joy and offering
infinite & unique shopping experience in Amman.
We offer Tenants as well as leasers a unique experience, whether it is the benefits that come with renting the most active area or for visitors who will be enjoying infinite possibilities!
We, Dabouq District tend to be the first mall in Amman to truly appreciate user’s AND tenants experiences.


Inspired by, and committed to the fulfilment of our vision, we, at Dabouq District, shall strive:

  • To provide a unique shopping experience to customers with unmatched value in terms of quality of products and services.


  • To create long lasting relationships and solutions with our tenants.


  • To ensure and nurture the safety, health and wellness of our employees and to prepare them for career advancement.


  • To be pro-active in the performance and attainment of our corporate social responsibility.


Dabouq District is owned by “Al Maali and Al Qawasmi Group”

represented by Eng. Abdelmuti Al Maali and Eng. Anwar Al

Qawasmi who are among the most prominent businessmen in

Jordan. Both Eng. Al Maali and Eng. Al Qawasmi are renowned for

their extensive experience across the construction and general

contracting industry. Since 1990’s, they were specialized in

building and managing commercial and residential premises

across Jordan & Qatar.

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