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Dabouq District Lands High End Brands

Dabouq District serves as the newest trend in Amman, where friends and family of all age groups can be connected in a single hub.

In Dabouq District we have a large area variety that we are trying to fill with as much as if not all of what any person, family, and group of friends would want or need to achieve their comfort.

Within the first year, Dabouq District managed to land some the most high end brands, we proudly put what our audience is looking for in a mall and gathered it all in one mall for all.

Today, we proudly announce what recent collaborations we have made.

Dabouq District has recently signed leasing contracts with Qattous Group, Abu Shakra, Patchi, Eyad Samara - Real cosmetics, Inglot Jordan, and popeyes.

We are proud to have made these partnerships within the first year of our business venture, and we are looking forward to further globalize our connections.

We would also like to state that we have one of the best safety measures to ensure no harm would come for any business associate or any customer in the district, we also provide a huge parking lot for all employees and customers to find a good and safe parking space for your car so everyone is relieved.

Dabouq District - one mall for all

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